The administration of Donald trump (Donald Trump) is planning to impose additional sanctions against Venezuela, limiting financial transactions with cryptocurrency El Petro in the USA.

This week the White house will release a new package of sanctions against Venezuela, where it will be exhaustively spelled out the prohibition on the use of El Petro. Limitation of financial operations with cryptocurrency will be one of several measures that will be taken as a sanction. It is known that they affect more than two dozen representatives of the current government of Maduro.

Russ Dallen (Russ Dallen), managing partner of investment Bank Caracas Capital Markets, which tracks oil supplies of Venezuela and advising on these issues, US officials called vnesuelsky cryptocurrency “snake oil” (common expression used to refer to any product with questionable or non-existent use – Wikipedia), so as declared that she was provided with oil, although actually it is not that you should even of superficial acquaintance with the technical documentation and the conditions of the contract.

If on Monday the document will be signed by trump, it’ll be a unique case, when the sanctions of constraints called blocking cryptocurrency. Analysts believe that such measures Washington vs El Petro can signal to other States, also under US sanctions, including Russia, to refrain from promoting its own cryptocurrency.

Recall that the U.S. Treasury back in January, before the start of sales El Petro, warned their nationals wishing to invest in this cryptocurrency, about the risk of prosecution imposed on Caracas sanctions.