The head of the Board of Trustees of the cryptocurrency exchanges of the bankrupt MtGox, Nobuaki Kobayashi at a meeting of the creditors stated that the statement about the correlation between falling rates of bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash and the sale of related assets of the platform for a total of $406 million is incorrect. This became known from the transcripts of negotiations.

“Please refrain from analysis of the correlation between the sale of our bitcoin assets and the market rate first cryptocurrency. What I translated for bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash to different addresses, does not mean that at this point, I made sales. This statement is incorrect”, — said Kobayashi.

The Trustee of MtGox added that he sold the assets of a bankrupt company is not a simple order on cryptocurrency exchanges. He went the other way, so as not to affect the market price and to provide the highest level of security of the transaction.

Kobayashi stressed that the decision on further sales is still under discussion.

It should be noted that many community members have accused the lawyer that he has acted irresponsibly in relation to other market participants. And even if the sale itself did not affect the fall of the news of this has been used by other major players in manipulative purposes, sure some.

Recall, a massive sale of the remaining 166 000 bitcoins can be continued after the court hearing, scheduled for September 18.