On Saturday, April 28, the launch of the Turing-incomplete smart contracts in a test network blockchain-platform Waves. Their activation is scheduled for may 3.

Waves Smart Contracts have just been released to Waves’ TestNet: https://t.co/LAQTBL0PhQ

Counting days to activation!#WavesPlatform #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain $WAVES #Fintech #Crypto #SmartContracts pic.twitter.com/YNEGG64FX6

— Waves Platform (@wavesplatform) 28 APR 2018

“The first release of smart contracts on the platform Waves expand functions
managing accounts and tokens. This includes wallets with multipoles, atomic swaps, two-factor authentication, as well as advanced protection mechanisms token — says Ilya Smagin, head of Department for development of smart contracts Waves. — We also implement the function of a data transaction. The Oracles will be able to transmit information in the blockchain, which, of course, will be available in the framework of our code of smart contracts.”

As noted by the representatives of the project, the releases will be done in phases , and users will be aware of the commissions and costs of computing power when using smart contracts.

“It is very important to implement everything correctly. Turing-incomplete smart contracts offer opportunities to implement the lion’s share of user scenarios, including smart accounts and smart assets. All will be available to users in the client Waves, specialized or expert knowledge to operate do not need”, — says General Director Alexander Ivanov Waves.

As for the Turing-complete smart contracts, they are launched only after thorough testing and subsequent release of the Turing-incomplete smart contracts in the core network Waves.

After activating the test network, miners will vote on code following a special Protocol activation (Waves Feature Activation Protocol).

We will remind, earlier Waves announced the introduction of atomic swaps that will allow to start trading ERC20 tokens on a decentralized exchange Waves DEX.