Platform for social journalism Medium made a statement in relation to cryptocurrency and the ICO, noting that the organization should not verify their purchases accounts and custom posts before publishing.

Thus, in the Medium urged readers to check the information about any company in independent sources and interact with the company only through trusted sites. This is stated on the official website of the platform.

Medium advised users to familiarize themselves with the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency on the website of the Federal trade Commission of the United States. At the same time, the resource has provided several links with instructions for recognition of cryptocurrency fraud.

The platform also introduces new standards for publications, which refer to a particular product or sales of any product.

Projects must comply with the following rules:

  • requires active link to the domain project in data about your account;
  • the email address must be bound to this domain;
  • the email address must be verified Medium and stay active;
  • the necessary linking to another social network (Facebook or Twitter), which is the same domain;
  • required page with relevant contact information;
  • in one post you can specify only one e-wallet.

Projects are prohibited from:

  • use anonymous unlinked to the domain of the project e-mail address;
  • to advertise or to participate in bounty programs, schemes, Pump&Dump, to write about the remuneration or other form of suspicious activity;
  • to include in the text a naked link or shortened URL.
  • re-use templates of content with minor modifications in different publications or different accounts;
  • to include in the publication of more than one e-wallet.

Swiss blockchain company Eidoo already said about creating your own blog and leaving a Medium.

Medium changed its rules related to #cryptocurrency articles, so we decided to change blog platform. Read more here:

— Eidoo (@eidoo_io) 20 Mar 2018

Recall, Facebook and Google have decided to ban advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO.

Earlier in the network appeared information about the fact that Twitter is also considering stricter measures or a complete ban on advertising of cryptocurrency projects.