The government supported the Duma a bill on digital of financial assets, but proposed to finalize the document.

In particular, the White house points to a lack of explanation of what is “mining”, “token” and “cryptocurrency,” but also draws the attention of authors to the need to specify in the document the changes will affect accounting and tax legislation.

The issues of government also called the procedure for opening the digital wallet: in the proposed bill is allowed to do only after the procedure is immediate, not remote identification, which imposes restrictions on foreign investors.

The bill of the group of Duma deputies led by the head of Committee for financial market Anatoly Aksakov was submitted to the lower house of Parliament on March 20. In fact, it has become an alternative developed by the Ministry of Finance document, which was to establish the legal basis for the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. Experts and market participants said that the project crude and underdeveloped.