Developers of the popular bitcoin wallet Electrum has announced the release of a new version of the product.

One of its features was that from now on users wallet on Android devices will have to enter the PIN code when starting the application.

New release: Electrum 3.1.2. Note that the Android version will require the PIN code on startup.

— Electrum (@ElectrumWallet) 28 March 2018

Still mobile app Electrum for Android devices required PIN entry to confirm the outgoing transaction.

According to the documentation on GitHub, the new release also fixed various bugs that could encounter when working with hardware wallets, and other small errors.

Recall that the last major release of Electrum 3.1 was held in early March. It included a number of innovations, including the calculation of fees based on the current data, Nampula, local transactions, and the ability to encrypt wallet “to track” (watch only) and hardware wallets.