In Brazil, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Foxbit lost 30 bitcoins due to a bug that allowed users to duplicate the findings. Once the problem was discovered, the platform has launched emergency maintenance and went offline for more than 72 hours.

Os fundadores da FoxBit, o CEO, João Canhada, e o COO, Guto Schiavon, estão em uma live falando sobre os problemas dos últimos dias.

Estamos abertos as questões dos clientes e a situação esclareceremos.


— FOXBIT — Bitcoin no BR (@foxbitcoin) March 12, 2018

In the course of maintenance work, as reported by CEO Foxbit joão Canhada, some data was lost or damaged, but on March 14, the platform should be back to regular operation mode.

“All funds of customers are safe. Some customers have already returned duplicated bitcoins. In case of such unforeseen situations, we have special funds to cover the costs. Our platform has not been compromised and means no stealing”, — said Canada.

It is unclear what amount of bitcoins have already been returned, but representatives assured users that the incident will in no way affect its continued operation.

Earlier, hackers broke into the Japanese exchange Coincheck and stole 500 million coins XEM.