Cryptocurrency exchanges are charging unreasonably high fee for listing tokens on their platforms. Reported by Business Insider, citing numerous statements by market participants.

In particular, sources note that the lower price face for ICO on the exchange is $50 but can reach $1 million, depending on the size of the trading platform. However, they are not referred to a specific crypto currency exchange, so as not to harm future cooperation with them.

“Always there will be many people who want to Lisitsa on the exchanges. The exchange is liquidity, and liquidity is money. That’s their strength,” – says partner of the venture capital company Mangrove Partners Michael Jackson.

In turn, the head of consulting company Swiss Fintech Oliver Bussmann notes that pay $1 million for the listing is very unfair, as for the quality organization ICO and so requires a large amount of expenses. But along with this he acknowledges that markets often depends the success or failure of the project.

“If you are preparing for ICO, you need to prepare for the listing. It is important to access liquidity. This means that the more exchange, the more effort and need for listing”, — he says.

Recall from 902 ICO-project 2017 on the service Tokendata, 142 of them have failed to start raising funds, and 276 have been closed after receiving funding. Thus, 46% held in 2017 ICO failed though and were able to raise over $104 million.