The Commission on securities and futures of Hong Kong (SFC) has suspended the ICO of Black Cell Technology, considering that the organizers of the placement were offered to potential investors to join the unregistered Institute of collective investments.

The financial regulator is also required to reimburse all funds spent by investors on the tokens that were supposed to be used in a mobile application Krops. Financial podderjivau application development, users, according to SFC, received a valuable paper on the distribution of which the company has no license.

Recall that in late January, the Commission on securities and stock market of the Philippines issued an order on cessation and non-resumption of activities of companies Black Cell Technology Inc., Black Sands Capital Inc., Black Cell Technology Limited and Krops and operator ICO KropCoin, founder or Manager of which is one and the same person — a citizen of the Philippines Joseph Kalat (Joseph Calata).