15 Mar Lightning Labs has announced in a blog post about the release of the long awaited beta version of its client software Lightning Network Daemon (LND), which is intended for developers and can be used for network access bitcoin Lightning Network. LN long been considered a huge breakthrough in terms of ensuring a quicker and cheaper payments are based on the bitcoin blockchain, and scaling of cryptocurrency to millions of new users in the coming years.

The current edition is Lightning Labs occurs after extensive testing, which lasted more than a year and involved thousands of developers and volunteers around the world. There are other designs Lightning Network, however, LND is the first implemented beta version. All the basic realization of LN must be compatible with each other.

In addition to the beta release of LND Lightning Labs has announced the funding from some of the biggest players in the cryptocurrency and technological space. The most notable of investors Lightning Labs is the CEO of Square and Twitter Jack Dorsey, former Advisor to PayPal, David sacks and one of Robinhood’s founders Vlad Tenev.

The maker of litecoin Charlie Lee also participated in a recent round of financing. In addition to bitcoin, a beta version of LND also supports litecoin.

Though the Lightning Network nodes already exist in the core network of the bitcoin, those who build wallets and other apps LN to view this as the launch of the payment network of the second level.

List of application oriented LN, can be found on the website of the developer LND.

Lightning Labs is not yet recommends that users invest in the system a lot of money. The company emphasizes that this release is intended mainly for developers, such as Bosworth and Mallers, and more advanced users who have no problems using the command line interface.

In addition, anyone who wants to use LND right now needs to manage the underlying node of bitcoin or litecoin (depending on which crypto-currency he wants to use).

This year Lightning Labs plans to create convenient purses with support LN for desktop computers and mobile devices.