At Cointelegraph had the chance to talk to an American investor and businessman Eric Lee, one of the founders of LinkedIn, where he for many years held the post of chief technical Director.

Early in his career, Eric has held technical positions with such well-known companies like Steve Job NeXT, IBM and General Magic before he co-founded LinkedIn with his classmate Stanford in 2002. There, among other things, Eric was responsible for the integration with software such as web browsers and Microsoft Outlook. Eric left LinkedIn in 2006 to develop their own projects.

She currently runs the reputation system ICO, which aims to help investors in making decisions when buying or selling tokens.

Co-founder Lee expressed his opinion about the prohibition of advertising in Facebook, Google and Twitter.

“I believe that this is a temporary measure. Ban ads spur advertisers to create their own sites. When legal regulation is clarified, I believe that again the time will come when the ICO is re-allowed on those platforms,” — says Lee.

Eric also spoke about his blockchain project that he’s working on at the moment. According to him, all the collected information about the ICO will allow investors to derive economic benefits.

“In the coming years, billions of people around the world will create a trusted relationship with each other by using the blockchain. It’s like a social network. At the heart of our project lies many different applications, both new and existing. We try to apply the level of trust that can operate in many different social networks and different markets that people could use their reputation across multiple networks or communities,” commented Lee.

LinkedIn co-founder argues that reputation cannot be bought using tokens. This approach will form the correct opinion about a particular project. Users will leave comments about the projects and about the purchased coins. All the data will be evaluated on a certain scale, after which projects will be awarded points.

“Additionally, we have provided a dispute resolution mechanism. The arbitration will be established to consider the claims as the authors of projects and clients. We plan rewards for information that all parties were interested in transparency and honesty. If any conditions are violated, then the tokens will be deducted from one side or another,” emphasizes Lee.

Eric believes that the platform will be an effective tool for assessing ICO. A cumulative reputation system and reward system will allow you to collect the maximum amount of information about the projects. In this case the expected date of launch of the platform If not yet called.