Bureau of securities of the state of new Jersey ordered to leave the project Bitcoiin, the public face who recently became an American film actor Steven Seagal. This writes CoinDesk.

As stated in a report published on 7 March document, Bitcoiin sells to residents of new Jersey unregistered securities. At the same time, the draft does not give clear information about who is behind its creation – despite the fact that his public face is Steven Seagal, developers, executives, managers and other employees anonymous.

Simultaneously, the financial regulator of the state highlighted the role played in the project of Steven Seagal. A disclaimer on the website Bitcoiin notes that shares in the project, the actor possesses, but the authorities noted the lack of information on the remuneration he could get for the service and promoting it.

As mentioned earlier ForkLog, Bitcoiin positioning itself as a “second generation cryptocurrency”, but has much in common with such notorious projects as the OneCoin and BitConnect. Particularly alarming is the fact that participants Bitcoiin available the opportunity to obtain “substantial income” only for the storage of tokens B2G in their wallets. Moreover, the project includes a multi-level referral system with an impressive affiliate rewards.

It is noteworthy that only the day before, as there was an injunction to stop the activities of the project, Steven Seagal wrote on Twitter that soon the tokens of the project will be added to one of the largest exchanges.

Bureau of securities new Jersey also stressed that the decision to stop ICO Bitcoiin taken in order to protect investors from possible fraud, and that the participation of celebrities in such projects does not always mean their legality.

We will remind, in the end of 2017 against the ICO project Centra, the promotion of which actively engaged the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, was filed a class-action lawsuit investors. The project accused of violating the US law on securities