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Gas production, gas processing and gas for the aggregate of capitalization and operating income are the absolute leaders of the global energy industry. However, some problems of Economics of blue fuel are on the surface.

Three major players (Gazprom, Rosneft and NOVATEK) have a de facto monopoly on imports of both piped and liquefied natural gas. The situation in the domestic market is characterized by the following — and many speaker — indicator: 95% of the industry have three energy giants.

Perhaps an effective way of stimulating parity and alignment of the market will be the launch of a Russian cryptocurrency RusGas.

According to the Institute of socio-economic forecasting and modelling, the mechanism of action is as follows:

  1. Conditional capitalization of RusGas will be confirmed the actual capitalization of the energy companies.
  2. Dividends of participating companies in proportion to the increase capitalization of RusGas.
  3. The increase in the cost of RusGas coincides with the average quarterly dividend yield (5-8%), which in turn affects the current assets of the participating companies.
  4. Thus, current assets of the companies are indexed quarterly in proportion of their profits that leads to financial incentives.

It is easy to see that the action of such a mechanism soundexile the current value happens with the RusGas (increase in the value and dividend yield). Importantly, this mechanism stimulates exchange-traded infusion of new participants, the number of which, according to analysts leading cripture, in the range of 30-40% per month.

It gets more interesting.

According to Vnesheconombank’s actual working capital, the share of regional companies in the oil and gas sector in the 3-4 quarter of 2018 will be 45-55%.

And thus it is easy to draw a conclusion about the validity of the following formula:

PricePercent = (((1+D)M/3 * (1+P)M * R/F)-1) * 100%

PricePercent – indexation of cost RusGas

D – average dividend yield (8%)

M – the number of months that have passed since ICO

P – the average increase in the activity of kryptomere (40%)

R/F=45/5=9 – ratio characterizing the expected investments in the RusGas. The calculation will take this value as the ratio of the economically viable share of regional companies in the oil and gas industry to share the actual.

According to the accepted formula projected growth rates RusGas 3 months after the ICO is:

PricePercent = (((1+8%)3/3 * (1+40%)3 *9)-1) * 100% = 2567,17%

Involuntarily the question arises: if the capitalization of cryptocurrency, is directly related to the oil and gas industry will increase more than 25 times, it is not whether we stand on the threshold of cardinal changes in the world of the power industry?

To learn in detail about the project RusGas, as well as to buy tokens on the site rusgas.io

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