Developers French blockchain startup ACINQ advised users of the recently released Lightning-purse Eclair temporarily refrain from using it.

PSA: We have disabled the mainnet Wallet Eclair Android app from Google Play and removed the apk link from our github page.

— ACINQ (@acinq_co) 7 Quine 2018 R.

“We made available in the Google Play app Eclair Wallet for the core network and remove the link to the apk-file from our page on GitHub”, — wrote the developer.

According to them, the decision is due to the random deletion of key signature:

We just discovered that we may have lost the signing key allowing us to update the app

Note: the key isn’t compromised, just was accidentally deleted and isnt recoverable

— ACINQ (@acinq_co) 7 Quine 2018 R.

“We just found that could lose the signing key, which would allow us to update this app.

Note: the key has not been compromised, just that he was accidentally permanently deleted”

The developers have assured users that this measure is enforced, and promised soon to fix bugs, releasing an update for this Android application.

Recall that the release of the Lightning Eclair purse for the core network of bitcoin took place on Wednesday, April 4.