It seems that Samsung is obsessed with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Division of Corporation semiconductor manufacturing, one of the largest in the world, already produces chips for mining. Now Samsung is trying to implement the blockchain in their logistics system. This April 16 reported Bloomberg.

According to the head of logistics Department of Samsung, this innovation will allow the South Korean giant by 20% to reduce transport costs. The project deserves attention primarily because we are talking about Samsung Electronics, the heart of the business Empire Samsung. Last year the company’s profit from sales of consumer electronics, displays and mobile phones totaled $170 billion, Profit from sales of semiconductors during the same period reached $69 billion, which made the Corporation the largest producer in the world of this kind, surpassing even Intel.

In January Samsung has announced that the business of manufacturing chips received a new impulse thanks to the mining of cryptocurrencies. According to the earnings report, the company supplies state of the art 10-nm chips unnamed manufacturers of equipment for mining-farms. Equipped equipment will be more efficient than Antminer from Bitmain S9 on the basis of 16-nm chips produced by the Taiwanese company TSMC.

Chips from Samsung can spur competition in the sector of mining: rumor has it that their components Corporation provides a new competitor Bitmain — Halong Mining company, which is still little known. This manufacturer claims that his miner Dragonmint T1 to 25% more energy efficient than the device from Bitmain. Mining cryptocurrencies requires significant energy costs, and the cost of electricity is the main item of expenditure of those who engaged in this activity.

Technology bet many corporations. Walmart, Foxconn, IBM and Maersk experimenting with bloccano as a means of streamlining their supply chains, planning to save billions of dollars. Meanwhile, the mining becomes so profitable occupation that the sale of components for it to begin to engage even the company created and supported by the state, such as TSMC.

It is reported that Bitmain profit last year was $4 billion, Samsung aims to become an active player on both fronts — mining and the blockchain.