The morning of April 6 was activated hardwork confidential cryptocurrency Monero, but it is unclear how successful it will be.

According to at 08:20 UTC on the block 1546000 was running the software update cryptocurrencies. Due to the controversial nature of update the Monero community gathered in social networks and watching as he was introduced.

Hardforce Monero happen quite often, and the current update should introduce a new consensus algorithm that is designed to protect the network from interference ASIC miners.

Monero negative reaction to the recently announced company Bitmain equipment has led to the creation of several competing altcoins, including Monero and Monero Classic Original, which intend to keep the old software that is compatible with ASIC devices.

Now the Monero community is watching hasraton, that is, the speed at which mining of this cryptocurrency, trying to learn how to be accepted hardwork. Hasrat fluctuations have caused some panic in the Monero subreddit on Reddit, but the main developer under the name Hyc said CoinDesk that “it just takes a couple hours to total Hasrat stabilized”.

In addition, enthusiasts Monero watching old chain and make lists of mining pools that have not updated and have to do it.

The update also increases the size of the Monero ring with 5 to 7, and this should improve the reliability of the tools of privacy and protect from the vector deanonimizatsii submitted by another competitor Monero — MoneroV.

Hyc admitted CoinDesk that users and developers waiting for the outcome hard forks with bated breath.