Over the inability of Roskomnadzor successfully block Telegram to the first days after the outbreak of “hostilities” was made to mock, but now, a week later, what is happening is not funny. The activity of the Ministry became known as “carpet bombing” — and it was no exaggeration.

As a result of the attempts of Roskomnadzor to get Telegram in Russia was blocked millions of IP addresses, including addresses of some of the most popular pools for mining cryptocurrency. — Antpool, ViaBTC and others.

According to the service It Is Blocked In Russia on the territory of the Russian Federation, was unavailable addresses of such pools, as ViaBTC (;;, Antpool (;, BTC.com ( and Bitcoin.com (

Some of these addresses are blocked in accordance with the decision of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation 27-31-2018/Ид2971−18 from 16.04.2018, and the rest by the decision of the Ministry 27-31-2015/Ид4082−15 from 04.12.2015.

Help: Antpool Share the computing power of the bitcoin network is 13.6%, ViaBTC% To 10.6%, BTC.com — 29,4% (April 25). Are the three largest official pool for mining bitcoin.

Previously Roskomnadzor published a new version of the Bylaw governing the fight against bypass of locks, including VPN and anonymizers. It appeared a new basis for inclusion of site in the black list — the court’s decision in the case of an administrative offense.