Riot Blockchain, the former biotechnology company Bioptix, reported that at the end of March in the data center Oklahoma involved 3,500 ASIC miner Bitmain S9. It is planned that by the end of may their number will increase to 8,000 units.

The company noted that after the release of the data center at full computing power it will exceed 110 PH. According to Riot the Blockchain, it will make it the largest public company in the mining business.

In March, the company produced approximately 69 44 BCH and BTC for a total amount of approximately $670 thousand. Riot Blockchain noted that all of the extracted BCH “on a regular basis” are converted into bitcoins.

The company radically changed the scope of activities at the end of last year, continues to expand its business in the cryptocurrency space. Riot Blockchain owns 12.9% of the shares in the canadian crypto currency exchange Coinsquare, which was recently valued at $335 million Coinsquare plans to undertake a listing of its shares on the Toronto Stock exchange.

In March Riot Blockchain announced plans to open its own cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. With this aim, the California company has acquired a firm Logical Brokerage Corp — futures broker from Miami, was in the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC), and member of the industry trade group the National futures Association (NFA).

Earlier it was reported that Riot Blockchain received a subpoena from the SEC. The regulator at the end of last year, said it will closely monitor the firms, changed its name in the Wake of the popularity of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.