Major graphics card manufacturers Nvidia and AMD have tried to limit the sale of its products to the crypto currency miners, since the latter provoked a sharp market deficit, had a negative impact on the main target audience companies — gamers. However, the existing problem is not solved, and manufacturers of GPU-miners only strengthened their positions, reports Digital Trends.

Nvidia, in particular, appealed to major European retailers not to sell more than two graphics cards in one hand. The relative scarcity provoked the growth of prices of the equipment even in conditions of falling of quotations in the market of cryptocurrency, which can be extracted with it, which pushed potential buyers from the community of gamers.

However, the restrictions had a negative impact at all, besides the actual producers of GPU-miners. The equipment cost is still too high for gamers, and ordinary miners now are unable to personally collect the farm, since one simply cannot acquire the required number of cards. So, the latter are forced to turn to larger players who have a privileged relationship with suppliers.

“We are not affected by these limitations because we are in a completely different commercial level, we have other range of activities. For us, this policy retailers even useful because it serves as a natural barrier for those who want to do everything independently”, — said the founder of Easy Crypto Hunter Josh Riddett.

He added that people can’t buy more than two or three cards in stores, but can buy ready-made farm for mining Easy Crypto Hunter and other companies, and immediately start to mine cryptocurrency, without having to resort to all sorts of tricks.

“Of course, we spent a lot of money and made an agreement with the right people to buy a large number of graphics cards. It was for us as much as with ordinary consumers, but now we have a lot of benefits, given our scale. Even in conditions of shortage, we always have the right equipment in warehouses”, — said Riddet.

Thus, the limitations of Nvidia and AMD could only hurt ordinary consumers, gamers and miners-traders, and manufacturers of farm for cryptocurrency mining has maintained and even strengthened its position.

It is worth noting that the community of miners has provided a huge Nvidia operating profit in 2017. And though the company failed to beat the manufacturer’s ASIC-miners Bitmain, financial performance increased by 34% compared to 2016.

Recall that Bitmain has introduced a new Antminet X3 for mining Monero, but the development team is anonymous cryptocurrency threatens to modify the PoW algorithm and make new equipment unprofitable.