Developed by payment solutions on the Ethereum blockchain Request Network announced the conclusion of an agreement with the Issuer of the token stable Digix.

A Golden Partnership! We officially partner with @DigixGlobal to allow invoicing in gold! 🌟

— Request Network (@RequestNetwork) 11 APR 2018

Under the agreement, users Request Network will have the opportunity to submit invoices in a gold-backed token-Digix Gold (DGX).

“This will allow any person in the world to digitally send and receive invoices that can be paid in gold”, — stated in the message of the company.

Tokens DGX 99.99% backed by gold bars approved by the London Association of participants of precious metals market at the rate of 1:1, where 1 token provided 1 gram of gold. Thus, users Request Network will be able to use a relatively stable currency when settling on the platform.

Earlier it became known that the Digix has released its first 10,000 tokens DGX, provided 10 kg of gold.