Non-profit organization Foundation and the developers of cryptocurrency NEM announced the launch of a new version of its own blockchain called Catapult or mijin v.2.

CATAPULT ANNOUNCEMENT: NEM officially launches Catapult Beta. Apply to participate in the early access program! Read the official press release here: #Catapult #mijin

— NEM (@NEMofficial) 25 Mar 2018

Catapult is a full featured blockchain as the engine for public and private networks that support a set of unique plug-ins on the basis of smart contracts, which allow you to create a protected digital assets, implement decentralized swaps, to conduct advanced accounting for and modeling the business logic.

The project was in development for two and a half years. Today the creators of NEM have announced their willingness to provide limited access to their customers, partners and some members of the community.

“We believe that the new blockchain platform Catapult is a future popular corporate and organizational structures”, — said the President of Foundation LON Wong. “Catapult is not just an improvement of NEM blockchain. This is a significant step for the industry, opening up new functionality databases on the blockchain”.

In addition to improvements in speed and scalability, Catapult is the aggregated transactions and tiered accounts with multipoles. According to the developers, these features will allow them to create solutions that until then had not been implemented neither on the same blockchain.

Amid news that the rate of NEM began to grow rapidly, and in half an hour was up 7%.