After launching smart contracts platform, Waves is planning to implement atomic swap. Integration of atomic swaps will allow you to start trading tokens ERC-20 on a decentralized exchange DEX Waves, said ForkLog representatives of the platform.

The first version of smart contracts (Turing-incomplete) will be introduced in April 2018. Until the end of the year, Waves is planning to launch a Turing-complete smart contracts, which will give developers and community additional functionality.

“In addition to the development of smart contracts, we are engaged in the technologies for voting on the blockchain. They will eliminate the problems associated with the manipulation of votes. In addition, the voting process will be absolutely transparent, but users can remain anonymous. Voting will be carried out in different ways. For example, it is possible to assign one vote to one account or the number of tokens in the balance,” — said Alexander Ivanov, CEO and founder of Waves Platform.

Also, the Waves team is negotiating with processing companies and leading manufacturers of cold wallets for the integration of cryptocurrency WAVES.

Recall that Waves Platform is an international blockchain platform that provides innovative solutions for businesses, organizations and investors. Waves are focused on the issue, trade and the exchange of assets/own tokens on the blockchain. One of the main features of the project — focus on ease of use and mass adoption. As a consensus algorithm is supposed to use a Proof-Of-Stake.

In June 2016 platform Waves made ICO, which has collected about $16 million dollars (30 000 BTC).

Earlier this year, the developers at Waves introduced the beta version of the desktop client available for various operating systems.