American startup Rare Bits, developing the idea of the auction for collectibles and rare scriptactive, raised $6 million investment in funding round series A, led by Spark Capital company. Investors have also become a startup venture capital company First Round Capital, Craft Ventures, SV Angel, and several individuals, including the founders of Twitch Emmett Sher (Emmet Shear) and Justin Kan (Justin Kan) and former executives Dropbox Sanghvi Ruchi (Ruchi Sanghvi) and Agrawal of Aditya (Aditya Agrawal).

Platform based on the Ethereum began work in February of this year and for the first month earned on transactions over $100 thousand. At the moment, on the Rare Bits placed more than 500 thousand collectible items from different games, including CryptoPunks, Ether Tulips, CryptoBots, CryptoFighters, Mythereum and CryptoCelebrities. The funds raised will go to the expansion of the company and offers cryptocurrency of collectables as well as rare scriptaction.

As explains one of the founders of the project Amitt Mahajan (Amitt Mahajan), was initially considered the idea of launching its own games on the blockchain, but the platform trade cryptocommunist was more promising solution. In the future, the project plans to expand the list of items submitted licenses, tickets, rights and licenzirovanie physical goods. And soon celebrities from YouTube, Twitch and Instagram can create on the platform of their scriptcollection. All this is done in order to convince users to actively become owners of scriptactive and to trade them.

Recall that the application CryptoKitties where you can breed, collect, and share kittens with 256-bit genetic code, was launched in November 2017. Two weeks after the launch of the platform was CryptoKitties transactions worth more than $12 million By the end of 2017, the game started to lose popularity, and many players have lost interest in it.

In January, the network appeared the new game CryptoCelebrities in which users can buy “contracts” with celebrities. As in the case of “cryptocotyle”, it allows you to buy and sell virtual celebrities for Ethereum. While China collectors collect “cryptozoic” in a game built on a separate block chain Achain.