In the code of the website of the hydrometeorological center of Ukraine was discovered hidden miner of cryptocurrencies CoinHive. Moreover, the malicious script is not masked and added to the beginning of the code. After reports in the media miner, mined Monero, removed.

Media reports referring to the press service of the hydrometeorological center reported that the script worked for about 4 hours and was installed there with the help of password authorization for network Protocol shh.

According to Alexa, users spend on the website of the hydrometeorological center a little more than 2 minutes and mostly from work, and the resource itself is located on 1277 in popularity in the country.

We will remind that in February, 42% of companies worldwide have become victims of covert mining. In this case, as follows from the study of Check Point Software, often used in miners CoinHive, Cryptoloot and the Rig exploit kit EK that was attacked 15% of companies worldwide. Mining scripts are increasingly finding on forums dedicated to computer games, torrent trackers, news resources, websites, online stores, streaming services and other popular and frequently visited sites.