Bitcoin received another powerful boost to the mass adoption when the logo first cryptocurrency was projected on the building of the Swiss National Bank in Zurich.

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A giant Bitcoin logo has been projected onto the Swiss National Bank in the centre of Zurich. A photograph of

— Robby Bradford (@RobbyBradford2) April 30, 2018.

It is assumed that the projection of bitcoin on the Bank building in Zurich appeared in the night of Tuesday, may 1.

Switzerland recently became one of the main centers of the cryptocurrency industry, taking under his arms a number of companies.

General favourable taxation regime and other related preferences allowed a number of bitcoin and blockchain-companies to gain a foothold in this European region, offering users a variety of services.

So, one of the most famous and open to the bitcoin industry regions is the Canton of Zug and its eponymous capital city : it was here that created a kind of analogue of the American Silicon valley — Crypto Valley Association; in addition, the Zug was actually the first European city, which opened on a constant envelopment to pay for utilities and other services using bitcoin.