Startup Nebulas involved in the creation of a decentralized search engine for blockchain projects, announced the signing of a strategic agreement with MoboTap is the developer of the Dolphin browser, serving more than 200 million users from over 130 countries. The information was published in the blog of the startup.

Under the agreement, MoboTap plans to integrate search engine and blockchain Nebulas in your browser. It is expected that the decisions of the Nebulas will allow to simplify the development of decentralized applications (DApps) for Dolphin and perform their promotion and dissemination to end users.

“With the help of modules such as Nebulas Rank (NR), the basic ranking algorithm in the framework, Nebulas, Dolphin users will be able to make a more efficient search, while developers will be better equipped to focus on their own DApps” — said in a press release. “Nebulas provides an ideal decentralized framework for service over 200 million customers from 130 countries, being able to process huge amounts of data in the ecosystem MoboTap”.

Nebulas develops engine that allows you to search for applications on the blockchain and smart contracts and thus helping users to find interesting projects. The search framework Nebulas can be directly integrated into third-party services, giving them access to the features of their system, and intends to use MoboTap.

Informed of its intention to use the technology Nebulas announced cryptocurrency startup GIFTO involved in the development of a Protocol designed to send various virtual gifts since virtual bouquets to virtual cars and yachts.