Press release

On Saturday 28 April in Moscow (club Chateau De Fantomas) will be a powerful informal networking and CRYPTOLAND – CRYPTOPARTY.CLUB. It is expected the participation of the most famous persons of the Russian cryptomeria – captainvalor, hontarov, cryptoendoliths, representatives of ICO projects, CEOS, founders, blockchain-specialists, capturadora and miners.

The new format of the event implies a symbiosis with pleasure – in the informal atmosphere of the party, you will meet people who are on the same wave, setting up a new business and friendly contacts.

Powerful networking in an informal atmosphere:

CRYPTOLAND without censorship from the most famous persons of cryptomeria Russia, including: Anti Danilevsky (CEO & Founder KICKICO), Artem Popov and Alik Arslanov (10$ buffet), Olga Dvoretskaya (CryptoShark), Boris Akimov (Biocoin/LavkaLavka), Tatiana Maksimenko (head of PR in Viarium, PR in, Sergey Simanovsky (VIARIUM, ex-CEO GOLOS), Leo Lehman (Founder BadChain, co-Founder ArtOfBlockchain), Miguel Francis Santiago (CRYPTOLIUM), Greg Waisman (Cryptoesthete, ICOBOX Head of Accounting), Paul Salas (CEO Tokenbox), Dmitry Chirkin (lawyer, founder WhiteStoneDigital), Serge Drive (LOGCHAIN), Mikhail Uspensky (Taxology), Konstantin Kartsev (founder TrueFlip), Sergey Sevencan (Master of Blockchain Administration), unforgettable CRYPTOTELKI PROJECT etc.

Special guest: BOGDAN TITOMIR c exclusive DJ SET on the main dance floor!

Leading Cryptomate: that same LION SHAHINIAN!

Are girls in love with the blockchain and the Beauty Contest Miss Cryptoparty!

Will captainvalor, hadlari, cryptomnesia, Sosnicki, CEOS, founders, and blockchain experts, capturadora, miners and cryptokey!

Location: the Chic private club Chateau De Fantomas in the center of Moscow.

The promotion code for a 20% discount: COINSPOT

Group: @cryptopartyclub
Channel: @cryptopartyevents