Involved in a scandal with the leak of user data from Facebook Analytics company Cambridge Analytica planned to be held in 2017, own ICO, which intends to implement the digital currency of $30 million About it reports the Verge with reference to Reuters and The New York Times.

Presumably, Cambridge Analytica started work to conduct the ICO in mid-2017, this initiative was supervised by the CEO of the British division of Alexander nix and former employee of the company Brittany Kaiser. In March 2018, when the powers of nix was suspended in connection with the scandal caused by the leak of user data Facebook, plans to launch the ICO was still in the initial stage.

The NYT quotes the words of Brittany Kaiser, which stated that a private digital currency Cambridge Analytica were to be used in order to allow users to store and sell your personal data on the network.

“People know about the use of personal data more than the Cambridge Analytic? So why not create a platform which would change the structure of the work in this direction?” said Brittany Kaiser.

Representatives of Cambridge Analytica also confirmed that the company had previously studied the technology of the blockchain, however, about the intentions regarding the ICO has been fairly vague. They also did not specify whether the company continues to work in this direction.

“In the history of Facebook we have developed a set of technologies that would help individuals to take control of their personal data from corporations and would grant them full transparency in the management and use of personal data. We have considered various options that would allow people to monetize their personal data, including blockchain technology”, — said the representative of the company in an email in response to a Reuters query.

However, aware of the Cambridge Analytica cooperation with several cryptocurrency startups. So, in the summer of 2017, the company worked with Dragon Coin issuing Ethereum token used in casino Macau, sending out to its partners and investors a letter with the offer free events on the Dragon Coin.

In March, the world’s largest social network Facebook has appeared in the scandal center from-for leakages of personal user data. It became known that the company Cambridge Analytica collected this information using a special application. The scandal was complicated by the fact that the data has been used in the development of a program that allegedly was used in the presidential campaign of Donald trump in 2016. Later, Facebook admitted that Cambridge Analytica got access to the data of 87 million users.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the patent application for a new decision, in which the blockchain technology is seen as a method of identity protection, was filed by the company Mastercard.

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