In the canadian province of Quebec began a major mining center of Marathon Patent Group.

On 8 February, the company announced the purchase of 1400 ASIC miner Bitmain Antminer S9. In a week, Marathon announced the lease of land for a data center with an area of 2.5 thousand sq m in Quebec.

On 12 February, the company officially announced the successful completion of the installation of its mining equipment and early operations for mining cryptocurrency. Power consumption mining centre is 2.0 MW. On average, Hasrat one Antminer S9 about 19 TH/s.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone for the company. I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this day a reality for our shareholders,” said interim head Marathon Merrick Okamoto (Okamoto Merrick).

The company began with bitcoin mining, but future plans are to start mining cryptocurrency on the SHA256 algorithm. In the nearest plans of the Marathon is to expand mining business, increasing the amount of energy consumed to 3.9 MW. This will allow us to provide meals to 2800 ASIC miners Antminer S9.

The company from Los Angeles specialized in the licensing of intellectual property, but after buying a blockchain startup Ventures Global Bit her interests shifted to the development of the ecosystem DLT-technology and creation of digital assets.

Meanwhile, Quebec, which became a popular location for mining centers started to tighten requirements for companies seeking to start or expand mining cryptocurrency in the region.