Lon Wong and Jeff McDonald leave a post of the President and Vice-President of the NEM Foundation — they will move to an Advisory role. Kristof Van de Reck was elected interim President of the Foundation NEM.io.

Lon and Jeff plan to focus on business partners NEM. These startups and consultants necessary for the implementation of applications around the world, according to the project’s blog. The NEM ecosystem is thriving, and, turning to the Advisory role, Lon and Jeff can devote more time to the development of NEM ecosystem.

“Last year we saw a huge increase in the value of XEM which coincided with the creation and expansion of the Foundation NEM. I am proud to serve as founding President of our Foundation and watching it expand throughout the world,” — writes in his message a Long.

Former President of the Fund also has high hopes for the platform, Catapult, closed beta which began a little over a week ago and, says Long, will be soon released open source.

“I would like to focus on other things and see my family, relax and rejuvenate. Today I am leaving the post of Vice-President of the Foundation and move to a new Advisory role, where they can better manage their time, health and relationships. I’m not going anywhere, and my passion for NEM has not decreased” — refers to the community of Jeff.