Litecoin relatively stable asset, whose development is stimulated by a stable volume of trade and price level, even against the background of widespread sales. Soon trade litecoin will start Korbit, one of South Korea’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges.

17 APR so Creator of litecoin Charlie Lee commented:

Korbit tomorrow will start trading LTC. It’s wonderful. Now litecoin will support one of the oldest Korean markets. I still remember asking Korbit in the distant past. In order to promote litecoin I donated 100 LTC to the exchange.

In recent days the price of litecoin increased slightly-from 6 percent to $136. Users in General are of the opinion that the effect of the inclusion in the listing Korbit will be negligible. Pair with LTC are present in almost all exchanges. Most seriously for the price of the cryptocurrency has affected the start of trading on Coinbase exchange owned by GDAX where litecoin available paired with the Fiat currencies to U.S. buyers.

In recent weeks, litecoin has managed to keep its position in value that are denominated in bitcoin, and moved on to a new stage of price stability. In the current state of LTC does not respond to news noticeable price maneuvers. Thus, litecoin is convenient to use to transfer funds between exchanges.

In addition, it has its own Lightning Network, albeit less popular than bitcoin. The implementation of the transactions inside of the blockchain of litecoin is still pretty cheap. Recently, however, community LTC even positive news perceives skeptical, because of the scandal around LitePay startup, which failed to achieve promised results.

It is expected that in the coming weeks, support will expand litecoin trading application Abra. Storage of digital assets it uses smart contracts on the network of litecoin. Abra does not commit the transaction it chain, using instead a synthetic digital assets that represent real coins stored smart contract. Team Abra reported that, will add full support litecoin at the end of April or early may.