24 April, juscutum law firm will hold a webinar entitled “the Legalization of cryptomonad and white mining. At the event speakers will tell you how to lower the tax burden to declare their income. The organizers have also prepared information on the laundering of assets for the miners.


  • Natalia Radchenko, partner, taxation and business efficiency Juscutum;
  • Artem Afian, attorney, managing partner of the Juscutum;
  • Dmitry Anushenko, counsel, practice leader of business security Juscutum.


  1. How to legalize income from scriptactive and not be poor.
  2. The risks of working with Bank cards. How does the financial monitoring of banks.
  3. How to count the income from cryptocurrency. Alternative design options.
  4. How to make an exit in the Fiat so that then it was possible to legally buy a Ferrari.
  5. What risks should you consider organizing the mining business. A detailed risk map for beginners and experienced.
  6. What are the possibilities of legal import of equipment in Ukraine and why even do it legally.
  7. How to apply for costs.
  8. How to identify the owner of scriptaction?
  9. How, where, how and why to pay taxes?
  10. Anyone else interesting the owners of cryptocurrencies, in addition to the State fiscal service?
  11. The reason for the call for questioning strategy.
  12. How law enforcement agencies collect information about the owners of cryptocurrencies?

Date: 24 April from 19:00 to 21:00.

To learn more about the event on the Facebook page. Tickets are available on the event website.