The fair trade Commission (FTC) of South Korea ordered 12 of cryptocurrency exchanges to revise their contracts to join to ensure better protection of consumers.

We are talking about contracts based on standard terms and conditions that customers signed when registering the operators of exchanges. According to the supervisor, exist in these rules unlawfully prohibit users to withdraw their deposits and force users to take care of all financial loss on termination of membership on the exchange.

Recall that in early January in South Korea at a high level the idea came ban cryptocurrency trading. This caused a negative reaction from the public and market in the country. The authorities denied the possibility of a ban, but continued to tighten requirements for cryptocurrency trade, particularly in relation to AML rules.

January 30 in the country were banned anonymous cryptocurrency trading. Capturadora must use a Bank account tied to their real names. Later, the financial intelligence Unit South Korea (KoFIU) and the financial Supervisory Service (FSS) began a re-examination of the largest banks in the country comply with AML to transactions associated with cryptocurrencies. The first test was held in early January.