American financial holding JPMorgan Chase & Co, National Bank of Canada (NBC) and a number of large companies have tested the capabilities of the blockchain platform Quorum, according to Reuters.

The object of the experiment was a certificate of Deposit Yankee (Yankee CD) floating rate $150 million issued by the Bank of NBC.

Also participated in the testing of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Pfizer Inc., Legg Mason Western Asset Inc”s and other well known companies investing in certificates of Deposit.

Senior Vice President at artificial intelligence and the blockchain NBC David Furlong noted that the technology of distributed registry “can cause serious changes on the market of financial services”.

Work focused on the corporate sector Quorum project started in 2016. This blockchain platform designed to increase the efficiency of certain types of banking operations, including clearing, settlements on derivatives and cross-border payments.

Thanks to a partnership with a team of zcash for in October 2017 in the blockchain Quorum was integrated security Protocol zero-knowledge (ZSL). Based on a cryptographic Protocol zk-SNARK code encrypts all transaction information in the blockchain Quorum, including the public key and the amount of the transfer, but leaves the possibility for auditing.

We will remind, in March, JPMorgan Chase announced plans to allocate blockchain-Quorum project into a separate company.