The financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) has suspended the work of the local cryptocurrency exchanges Blue Dream Japan Co. Ltd, and also withdrew the application for obtaining a license for trading platform Firex filed by the company Campfire. It is reported

The activities of the exchange of digital currencies Blue Dream was suspended on the results of inspections carried out by the FSA. The Agency ordered the company to improve business processes, terminating the activities of the trading platform until June 10

“We hope that our business is to exchange currencies will continue to exist in the future, after bringing them in compliance with regulatory norms and improve the management system”, — said representatives of Blue Dream Japan Co. Ltd.

The FSA also withdrew the application for a license filed by a leading Japanese crowdfunding platform Campfire to pad Firex created in March last year.

Note that a significant tightening of regulation of activities of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges followed soon after breaking trading platform Coincheck, which was stolen more than $530 million in the digital currency NEM.

We will remind, some days ago the Japanese regulator has suspended the activity of kryptomere Eternal Link and FSHO, and ordered to strengthen the internal security measures the site of the Last Roots. Also at the end of last month, the FSA withdrew the application for license exchanges Mr. Exchange and the Tokyo GateWay.