Investor and partner in the company Capital Pfeffer John Pfeffer (Pfeffer John) said that bitcoin is “the first viable candidate to replace gold,” and he better “on all fronts”.

This opinion was expressed by the entrepreneur in his speech at the annual Sohn Investment Conference in new York, one of the main investment forums in the world.

Pfeffer noted that decentralization and the ability to resist censorship are the main advantages of the first cryptocurrencies. Moreover, compared to gold, bitcoin is easier to store and make in this deal, he added.

According to Pfeffer if 25% of foreign reserves will be replaced by the oldest cryptocurrency, it will give total capitalization of bitcoin of $6.4 trillion.

John Pfeffer is not the first, who predicts the first cryptocurrency in the future as a “digital gold” — the main store of value. Talked about this, for example, co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) and billionaire investor Mike Novogratz (Michael Novogratz).

The opposite view was expressed by analysts of the Bank Goldman Sachs as saying that bitcoin is not “the new gold”. And managing Fund Old Mutual Gold&Silver Fund Ned Naylor-Leyland (Ned Naylor-Leyland) and does believe that bitcoin is “paving the way” to global return gold.