Global regulators continue to look to the cryptocurrency and the market participants still have little understanding of what all this is. The cost of bitcoin at the same time, remains near $ 8,000.

In particular, in the U.S. Congress this week held a hearing in which we discussed how to better control the potentially destabilizing impact of the ICO in the “wild West of cryptocurrency”, where there is almost no consumer protection.

Against this background, the number of funds raised via the ICO has declined for the first time since August of 2017 (if not to take into account a short-term fall in November).

In Congress held a special hearing on the issue of cryptocurrencies, which discussed and optimistic and pessimistic points of view on bitcoin and ICO. One of the senators called bitcoin “malicious” and said that 99% of start-UPS, conducting ICO implicated in the fraud.

At the hearing, also made the top Manager of the company Coinbase, which is a cryptocurrency exchange and providing services to crypto-wallet. According to him, regulation of the cryptocurrency industry in the United States are already implementing the four departments, and now need to figure out how to delimit the area of responsibility for each of them, and not create new regulators.

Meanwhile, co-founder of venture Capital company Blockchain Bart Stevens in an interview with Reuters noted that the cryptocurrency market is still required to recover from a spree of dubious ICO.

“I am very optimistic about ICO in the long run, but in the short term this technology is ahead of itself, and people have become greedy,” said he.

The General mood, however, remains optimistic. If, for example, in January a traditional financial circles is called “maregulirebeli” cryptocurrency with the face of the Earth, this week the government say, rather, the introduction of a control, not a total ban.

For example, the government of Thailand on Thursday submitted two draft Royal decrees, where he hinted that he plans to take a form to the tax procedures and regulation of business activity in the sphere of cryptocurrency.

“It’s a roller coaster, which mainly go upwards,” – said in a conversation with Reuters, Sean Welch, the founder of the Redwood City Ventures engaged in investment in crypto-assets.

Users of social networks pay attention to the fact that large investors do not hurry to come into this market, waiting for the international regulation of crypto-currencies will take a certain form. One of the important steps in this direction could be made next week at the G20 summit, which will be held just two meetings on the issue of cryptocurrencies.