Agency securities Israel (ISA) for one year ruled out a public cryptocurrency companies from the indices. The prohibition applies to companies that are engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies and investing in them. This measure caused concerns of the financial regulator in relation to the high volatility of the stock of these companies that the speculative nature of the change of value and risk, as emphasized by Chapter ISA of EGAT Anat (Anat Gueta) are passive investors.

The reason for the imposition of limitations began trading on the tel Aviv stock exchange shares of companies that expressed their intention to actively develop the direction associated with cryptocurrency. While the mere mention of blockchain technology has led to a significant increase of stock before in this direction was taken at least some steps.

ISA also intends to introduce an additional paragraph in requirements for the stock exchanges, which will set out the restriction on the addition in the indices of companies whose main activity is storage, investment, and mining cryptocurrency.

Recall that finregulyator Israel and has previously been critical of kryptonyte. So, at the end of 2017, he was ready to impose a ban on the activities of companies trading in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the tel Aviv stock exchange. Despite this, the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Israel began to consider the possibility of a future state of cryptocurrency. And the Israel diamond industry has launched its own cryptocurrency for transactions between dealers and investors.