American film Director Doug Karr is working on a new series “Hardwork”, which tells the story of a dystopian future, where everything is based on crypto and augmented reality. Funds for the production of serial movie collected only in the cryptocurrency, according to Forbes.

“Hardwork” — the first of its kind project, supported by the new model. For the original Fund and promote our venture, the obvious choice was the platform Steemit, here we gathered the initial funds to launch the campaign, the $30,000″, said Carr.

The plot of the series, a group of outcasts, and using the technology of the blockchain hacking into government systems and make centralized control impossible. In November, the video was presented at the annual conference Steemit in Lisbon.

“In Lisbon we met with people who follow the development of the project for several months and are waiting for the release of the first series with the same impatience as we are. A new method of raising funds has allowed us not only to obtain money for the development of the project, but also at the same time to gather a target audience. And this is the main dream of each rental company to movies default was a viewer,” explained Carr.

In December, the action team members Dash invested in “Hardwork” about $1 million, making the initial stage for the show ended and the project moved into the phase of active preparation for the launch.

“With this incentive to start us was easy, and I’ve never made the first steps so soon. The Studio usually slow down the process, but cryptologist is moving forward at breakneck speed,” said Carr.

The team of creators of the series consists of experts in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency market analysts, participants of the Sundance film festival and Hollywood actors. They all teamed up to create a superior sci-Fi Thriller, which can be viewed as on the usual streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and decentralized areas. In addition to the series and expected component of the game is based on augmented reality technology.

“”Hardwork” to learn more about the technological progress in this field. Besides, we have educated the viewer an interesting and exciting way,” added co-author of the idea of the show Eric Vance Walton.

We will remind, in November of 2017 living in new York, the native of Tajikistan Hushnud Shukurova announced gathering of cryptocurrency donations for shooting a 20 minute short film about the politics of the American President Donald trump.