Thursday, April 19, between anonymous network participants Litecoin was made a transaction for 700 000 LTC (at the moment — $106 million). Major translation was actively discussed by the users of Reddit.

It is noteworthy that the confirmation of the transaction only took 2.5 minutes, and the Commission was $0,40.

Users of the forum noted that in the framework of the traditional financial system, this operation would take several days at best, and to sign a deal would have many parties; the Commission would be more than impressive.

In addition, the participants in the transaction also would have faced considerable difficulties in implementing the international transfer of $99 million, which would have taken much more time than internal.

“Why is the Litecoin community does not endorse the technical advantages of the blockchain? I always read about problems with the confirmation and high commissions in the network of bitcoin; if Litecoin is so effective, people must know about it” — wrote a user under the nickname cowsmakemehappy.

Recall that an American payment solution provider Aliant Payment Systems became the first official processing for Litecoin.