Mexican company Amar Hidroponia, which grows hot peppers habanero, in September began to sell tokens Agrocoin.

Each Agrocoin worth 500 pesos ($27) is supported by the products grown on a square meter of hydroponics in the state of Quintana Roo. To launch its own cryptocurrency became a way to attract funds from small investors.

Amar Hidroponia said that it expects to pay annual dividends of approximately 30%, the exact figure will depend on the harvest and demand.

“We had a lot of people who wanted to invest, but at a lower cost. Agrocoin allows us to have new investment product supported agricultural products”, — said the President of the company Domenzain Rodrigo (Rodrigo Domenzain).

While Agrocoin can only be purchased on the website of the Mexican company, after a year of lock tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency exchange. Amar Hidroponia sold 50 thousand tokens from the planned production of 1 million

Recall that Venezuela, in February released a national cryptocurrency El Petro provided by oil (bbl one token). Last year a Singaporean company Diamundi Pte Ltd planned to release a token Coin D1, secured diamonds.