About this reports The Associated Press.

The attackers stole from multiple data centers in Iceland 600 computers designed for mining cryptocurrency. As informs AP, the total cost is approximately $2 million Theft occurred early winter and January, but the law enforcement agencies of the country did not read this information, relying still catch the crooks. On February 18 it was already known about the three burglaries, authorities later said that they had 4. Three of them occurred in the winter of last year, once in the middle of winter in 2018, but for not less than the effective investigation and capture of offenders, the police did not to make the incident public.

Reliable according to preliminary media reports, to date, the police arrested 11 suspected of involvement in the theft, two of them are under arrest.

“This is a lot of theft in the extent to which there had not previously been able to see.”

Overall, it was stolen 600 computers totaling about $2 million, “Everything points to the fact that it is a very organized criminal group”, — emphasized in militia. At the end of the work week, the district court of Reykjanes considered the measure of restraint for detainees, leaving 2 people under arrest. Cheap electricity has become a lure for mining companies, according to the estimation of the local energy company HS Orka, in 2018, the year in Iceland, the consumption of electricity miners will surpass the needs of other citizens of the country.