In France went on sale a device for heating of apartments and houses that produce heat in the process of mining cryptocurrency.

Home radiator QC1 from startup Qarnot built two AMD (Sapphire Radeon RX580 Nitro and with 8 GB of VRAM) that allows to adjust the production of Ether or other cryptocurrencies. QC1 is connected via Ethernet cable and sends all the extracted tokens to the crypto owner. For heating can be used as power of the GPU, and the built-in traditional heating wire. At the current rate of cryptocurrencies, according to the calculations the creators of the device, this month you can get $120/€100 in Ether.

In Qarnot hope to sell this year several hundred QC1, despite the fact that the price of equipment is set at $3600 per unit, and you can pay with bitcoin.

Previously, the company has created three generations of heaters with multiprocessors that construction companies used to heat the new facilities. And companies such as BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Air Liquide and Blender acquired data centers for their own needs.

We will remind that in October of 2017, a Russian startup Comino presented a device for liquid cooling for home heating and simultaneous mining of cryptocurrencies. The startup has already attracted investments in the amount of $10 million from venture capital Fund Exantech created by the investment company Exante.

And in Canada, the company Myera Group of Manitoba for more than a year allocated uses bitcoin mining rigs heat for heating greenhouses and fish farm.