Users hardware crypto Ledger Monday may not carry out transactions with their funds in Bitcoin Cash, including viewing balance and transactions, and cryptosuite there is a rumor that the manufacturer of the device is bad.

Support of the evening of the same day confirmed that the installation of the new version of Bitcoin-ABC prevented the correct display of balance and technical staff started work on fixing this fault. Nevertheless, the situation still it changed. The head of the Ledger Eric Larchive (Eric Larcheveque) advised users to temporarily go to the crypto Electron Cash, to gain access to their funds, but in working with him also found complexity.

Recall that in mid-January Ledger in the funding framework of the series raised $75 million to increase production capacity. And in February in hardware wallets French company was found a vulnerability that allowed hackers to take advantage of the carelessness of the owner of the wallet and replace the code that generates the address of the recipient.