International organization Sovrin Foundation, which is engaged in digital identity, announced the start of cooperation with IBM Corporation to create, launch and support a decentralized network of digital identification. IBM Blockchain will bring into the project the computing power and resources of the security service, which will be posted on the IBM Cloud.

It is expected that Sovrin Network will give an additional layer of identity to the Internet and provide a full detailed approach to the identification of users.

“We believe that adaptation of the blockchain is the possibility of introducing a new model of trust in which individuals and organizations can securely share private data and documents without intermediaries. This new model gives control back to individuals, who decide how and with whom they share information,” — commented on the cooperation of the head IBM Blockchain Marie Wieck (Marie Wieck).

Recall that Sovrin Foundation also took part in a pilot project on digitization of the metric statements of newborns based on blockchain technology in the U.S. state of Illinois. IBM and Blockchain technology was used to create a digital identifier canadian startups SecureKey Technologies.