A canadian technology company HyperBlock Technologies Corp announced that it has reached agreement on the takeover of mining company CryptoGlobal Corp for $106 million.

“Our goal is to become a comprehensive cryptographic company direct access to consumer, offering products and services to the primary client for creating and managing your investments in cryptocurrency assets”, — commented on the deal, Executive Director HyperBloc Sean Walsh (Sean Walsh).

He noted that the company recently completed the purchase of one of North America’s largest centres for the production and storage of cryptocurrency located in the United States. In conjunction with the acquisition CryptoGlobal it makes HyperBlock one step closer to the goal of creating diversified cryptomeria in North America, said Sean Walsh.

Currently CryptoGlobal focused on Bitcoin mining, Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Completion of the transaction is expected in may, shareholders CryptoGlobal will own 25.2% of the shares of the merged company. According to the plans, its shares will be publicly traded on the Canadian securities exchange.

Some market analysts noted that the announced transaction will be one of the largest in the cryptocurrency space. Earlier, the brokerage company Monex has confirmed that is considering the acquisition of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, a victim of burglary in January. According to media reports, the transaction could reach “several billion yen”.