Manufacturer of equipment for mining bitcoin Mining Halong joined the initiative Blockchain Defensive Patent License (BDPL) to the patent for the overt version of the technology AsicBoost. It is reported by Bitcoin Magazine.

To be clear, there are TWO forms of AsicBoost. One seems to be unhealthy for the network (covert AB). The other method is totally transparent (visible in block version) and does not have negative side-effects. Not all AsicBoosting is equal.

— Halong Mining (@HalongMining) 7 March 2018.

To combat mingoval the monopoly of initiative BDPL offers miners to provide their patents on mining in the framework of mutual patent licensing. BDPL suggests that other operators in the industry have the opportunity to introduce overt version AsicBoost technology that allows you to find the blocks to 15-20% faster.

Steps from Halong Mining are questioning the monopoly of the Chinese mining company Bitmain and can radically change the industry of bitcoin mining. The founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee has called it “a huge achievement”.

This news went under the radar recently, but I want to highlight this as a HUGE (YUGE!) development in decentralization of Bitcoin mining.

Any miner manufacturer that wants to use AsicBoost will need to join BDPL and open up their patents!

Thank you Little Dragon Technology! 👍

— Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) 6 Mar 2018

Patent Halong differs from Bitmain patent on a “secret” covert-version of the technology AsicBoost and aims to reduce electricity consumption without harming the network.

“The introduction of the overt version can create the correct direction for movement of other patent holders in the industry to encourage them to join BDPL, and to create a strong protective patent pool in exchange for access to technology for energy-efficient optimization of the process of mining bitcoins”, reads the company website.

We will remind, in November of 2017 Halong Mining introduced a bitcoin miner DragonMint, which offers additional benefits for mining of cryptocurrencies compared to the Antminer Bitmain T9 of the company as a cheap and powerful device.