Co-founder of Google Sergey Brin sent out a message to investors at the end of 2017, which noted that the demand for powerful computers used for mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, has become one of the main factors of the “computer boom”.

According to Brin, the cause of the surge of computer technology around the world began several factors. First, it is the “steady hum of Moore’s law”, according to which the number of transistors placed on a chip integrated circuit doubles every 24 months.

The second factor was the growing demand for high-performance computers with powerful graphics cards for games and, “surprisingly, for the GPU-friendly algorithms, Proof-of-Work used in today’s top cryptocurrency, including Ethereum,” said Brin.

However, according to co-founder of Google, none of these factors was most important. Thus, the greatest role in the “computer boom” played machine learning and using large amounts of data necessary for the development of artificial intelligence systems that can drive cars, recognize faces or to translate texts without human intervention, I’m sure Bryn.

We will remind, as it became known earlier, Google officially banned the advertising of crypto-currencies and the ICO in June. At the same time, the Internet giant has been developing cloud-based blockchain solutions.