One of the biggest U.S. banks — Goldman Sachs sent a complaint about copyright infringement to the address of the cryptocurrency exchanges from Jaipur (India) Bitman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs says that the Indian stock exchange violates the intellectual property rights to the trademark in connection with the similarity in name.

“We don’t use Goldman in any place of our brand, but Sachs is a very common surname in Germany. So I don’t know how that may be a violation of intellectual property or trademark,” he responded to the accusations of the founder Bitman Sachs Ashish Agarwal (Ashish Agarwal).

Goldman Sachs in its claim said that “provides extensive financial services to customers in foreign currency, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology”.

Founded last year Bitman Sachs offers multi-currency and crypto exchange with multiple currencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Recall that Goldman Sachs analysts predicted that bitcoin price can go below $6000 per coin. And earlier they said that “most altcoins will become zero.”