The financial stability Board (FSB) that coordinates financial regulation within the group of G20 sees no reason to regulate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Reports Ethereumworldnews.

Interest cryptarithm grew last year, but in recent months prices plummeted due to various warnings by regulatory bodies.

“Crypto-assets do not pose risks to global financial stability at this time” β€” Mark Carney, Chairman of the G20”s Financial Stability Board

Some G20 members were calling for regulation of cryptocurrencies.

They were just rejected.

β€” Pomp πŸŒͺ (@APompliano) 18 Mar 2018

“Cryptocurrency assets in real time do not pose a threat to global financial stability” β€” mark Carney, Chairman financial stability Board G20 “Some members of the G20 have called for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. But these proposals were simply rejected.”

However, in a sign of consensus FSB stated that it is necessary to strengthen international coordination to fill data gaps on the monitoring of the rapidly growing, but still tiny sector, constituting less than 1% of world GDP.

The market reacted immediately β€” all major currencies started to grow.

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